Dear Friends:

Like most people, I was shocked and outraged by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I was particularly distraught to learn that my hometown of Middletown, New Jersey lost 34 residents in the destruction of the World Trade Center. This was the greatest loss by any community in America outside of the five boroughs of New York City on that terrible day.

As a former naval officer, I did not want to just sit back and only mourn our nation's losses. My first thought was to rejoin the Navy, but that was not in the cards. But why not take action to again help all the branches of our Armed Forces!

My entire television career has been in Los Angeles. I'm an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and have served on five dynamic committees. How could I harness the talents and assets of Hollywood and support the dedicated servicemen and women who keep our nation safe?

For Your Consideration Screener tapes! Find a way to get these exceptional television programs that are sent out to thousands of Academy members who vote for the Emmy Awards into the hands of our deserving service personnel far from home. Concerned members hated to throw away their creative efforts and there was no plan in place for their use after viewing. Extensive effort was undertaken in acquiring the permission of production companies to extend the life of these "for your consideration" programs. The membership of the Television Academy has been extremely helpful and now Project: Hollywood Cares is distributing these DVDs thru our command support program so they can be enjoyed by America's protectors, the brave and dedicated men and women of the Armed Forces.

That was the beginning of Project: Hollywood Cares over six years ago. The idea has really taken off and now has the additional support and contributions of the motion picture, record and video game industries  as our large entertainment libraries also contain feature films, video games and music CDs. Their participation completes the total involvement of the Hollywood/entertainment industry.

With both the continued support and contributions of the entertainment industry and concerned citizens Project: Hollywood Cares will continue it's tremendous success and extreme popularity with our troops stationed in harms way. You'll be providing a tremendous morale boost when our armed forces really NEED it the most!

Hollywood really does care! I hope you'll join the effort by contributing dollars, DVDs, video games, CDs, gift cards and supportive letters of appreciation & gratitude to our servicemen and women on the front lines.

The guardians of America's safety deserve our full support!


Thomas Fick
Executive Director

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