Project: Hollywood Cares is an entertainment industry charitable organization dedicated to supporting America’s deployed military service members, their families, returning troops transitioning from the battlefield to home and previous Veterans who have served this nation. Our nonprofit goal is providing direct support and appreciation for servicemen and women, past and present, who commit their lives to protecting our freedom. As an expanding charity, we conduct a wide range of special events, activities and projects to assist active duty personnel, as well as soldiers who are coming home & faced with severe challenges returning to civilian life after multiple combat deployments during the on-going eleven year war on terrorism. Our troops and their families have sacrificed greatly and help is needed now more than ever, so that no soldier walks alone or is forgotten as our nation moves forward from the Iraq war.
  Today, the heavy toll of the war in Afghanistan rages on and our core command support program of providing large, quality entertainment libraries of movies, television programs, music CDs, video games and gifts is greatly appreciated and highly requested. These video collections provide tremendous morale boosting support for those who have served four, five or more deployments to the Persian Gulf. This effort has been deemed widely successful for soldiers stationed around the world by military officials and planners who constantly seek to improve “quality of life” issues in the five service branches.
  Project: Hollywood Cares continues its assistance to wounded soldiers and Veterans rehabilitating in military hospitals & VA homes, - providing our injured heroes with tangible evidence that their personal sacrifice is appreciated by the entertainment industry. Our hospital celebrity visits, Holiday parties and special activities elevate the spirits of patients enduring lengthy recovery & rehabilitation stays, as well as their families with our Fisher House support efforts. Additionally, we continue to honor our fallen heroes by providing their spouse & children with financial support and carefully selected gift boxes, complete with children's programs, support items and a wide variety of special gifts. This important supportive and compassionate mission is the very least a caring nation and concerned industry can provide for these treasured American families who have sacrificed so greatly.
  Project: Hollywood Cares continually seeks to broaden its efforts with unique and direct programs to “support our troops.” Initial projects have been undertaken helping with job placement and training for Vets, the serious problem of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & military family support needs. Our unceasing vision strives to acquire new partnerships and enlist concerned citizens who too desire to “make a difference & help those who serve.”

Friday Night Lights cast at Brooke Army Medical Center PHC Event in San Antonio, Texas



USC Football annually hosts Marines from Wounded Warrior Battalion West



Long Beach VA hospital support visit


Project: Hollywood Cares is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation comprised of volunteers. All donations are tax deductible under applicable law.

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